TELE 3118: Network Technologies: Lab 5 [5 points]

This lab helps you get familiar with TCP. You will use Wireshark to capture packets and study the fields. As preparation for the lab, you are required to read this TCP hand-out prior to your lab session. In the lab, you will perform the file-transfer as outlined in the hand-out, capture the packets, and answer the following questions. Note that all answers are based on your packet captures (not on the pre-prepared traces provided with the handout above).
  1. [0.5] Questions 2 and 3 on client/server IP address and port numbers.
  2. [1] Questions 4 and 5 on the TCP connection setup process.
  3. [1] Questions 6 and 8 on segment sequence numbers and length.
  4. [1] Plot RTT and answer questions 7 and 9.
  5. [1.5] Plot the TCP sequence numbers, and answer questions 13,14.
Your answers have to be handed in to the lab instructor at the end of your lab session.