ELEC2146 Electrical Engineering Modelling and Simulation

School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications


Welcome to ELEC2146. The majority of the materials for this course will be made available via http://lms-blackboard.telt.unsw.edu.au, progressively as they become relevant.


What is happening in Week 1 ?

·         There is no tutorial.

·         Lectures start in Week 1. The first lecture is on Wednesday 9-11, in EE222.

·         Although labs officially start in Week 2, there will be a non-assessable introductory lab in Week 1, on Thursday 3-6, in EE214. All students are strongly encouraged to attend, especially if you have limited or no experience with MATLAB. The lab sheet for this is posted below.

·         The Thursday lab timeslot had too few students in it and was closed by central timetabling. Apologies to everyone affected by this; there will only be one lab, on Wednesdays 3-6pm.


What can I do to prepare for this course ?

·         Go through the MATLAB tutorial (link below) if you have not used MATLAB previously.

·         Revise any circuit analysis, transient response, frequency response and state-space topics from ELEC2134 that you are not comfortable with, and maybe revise any matrix-vector operations and statistics concepts you are not comfortable with. There is also a small amount of C programming in this course, so it may be helpful to revise this.


Any questions ? Please contact me: http://www2.eet.unsw.edu.au/staff/epps/profile.htm (note: I am not “On Leave” as suggested by this web site !)


Resources for the Course

š       Lecture notes, slides, tutorial problem sheets and lab exercises will be made available via http://lms-blackboard.telt.unsw.edu.au.

š       Files for lab exercises:

o   Week 1 Introductory Lab     PPT Introductory slides by T. Thiruvaran

š       Web links:

-   MATLAB tutorial (for Week 1)


-   MATLAB System Identification toolbox guide (for later)

-   Some System Identification resources (for later in the course): 1, 2


Last Updated: 7 July 2011
Dr Julien Epps