ELEC 4123
Electrical Engineering Design Proficiency
Session 1, 2018


Lectures, Labs and Tuts

Laboratory Layouts and Bench-Post Assignments

Lecture Materials

Course and Topic Descriptions

Course Outline

Electronics Design Tasks (core)

Signal Processing Design Tasks (core)

Control Design Tasks (core)

Elective Design Topics (weeks 11-13)

The following electronic components should be available in the laboratories from Week 8.


  1. You may find it helpful to print out copies of the relevant component data sheets and bring them to your laboratory sessions.
  2. New components must be obtained from the lab demonstrator who will mark down the components you have received on a class record.
  3. Used components are to be returned to the lab demonstrator who will keep them in separate containers from the new components.
  4. If the supply of new components runs out, you may need to work with previously used components.
  5. You may take your populated breadboard out of laboratories (at the end), together with components that you think you will need in the next laboratory.
  6. However, you must bring your breadboard UNPOPULATED to the next laboratory (unless instructed otherwise) and also bring back the components you have used.

Last Updated: 27 May 2018
Prof. D. S. Taubman