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Dr. Stephen Redmond, R458, Biomedical Systems Laboratory, Electrical Engineering, UNSW : s.redmond unsw.edu.au
Dr. Gregory Chan, R463, Biomedical Systems Laboratory, Electrical Engineering, UNSW : gregchan unsw.edu.au
Qim Yi Lee, R463, Biomedical Systems Laboratory, Electrical Engineering, UNSW : z3185537 student.unsw.edu.au



5/11/2009: Pre-Exam results available


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Course Outline  
Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation and Physiological Measurement  
The Origin of Biopotentials
Biopotential Electrodes and Tissue Equivalent Circuits
Principles and Operation of Basic Transducers and Sensors  
Characteristics of Biological and Instrumentation Noise
Practical biopotential amplifier design and multilead ECG systems  
Biological Signal Processing - filters
Statistical Algorithms for Automated Signal Detection and Analysis  
Circulatory System, Blood Pressure and Flow  
Respiratory System Measurements and Hot Wire Anemometry  
Electrical Safety and Performance Standards & Diagnostic Ultrasound  
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Laboratory 3   Switched Capacitor ; MAX291-MAX296
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Past Exam Papers

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Final project assignments

Student Name
Student Name
1. Digital filters for elimination of 50Hz noise from ECG recording Zhang, Ying Yang, Xiaotong
2. Automated QRS detection from ECG    
3. Automated pulse detection from arterial pressure or PPG waveform    
4. Techniques and designs for minimization/identification of motion artefact (artifact) in ECG/PPG/arterial pressure    
5. Application of machine learning/rule-based expert systems for diagnostic interpretation of the clinical (12 lead) ECG Uthaicharoenpong, Tawit Thaneerat, Thanakrit
6. Biomedical signal processing - A review of frequency spectrum analysis techniques including FFT, AR, cross-spectrum, coherence    
7. Frequency domain spectral analysis of heart rate variability    
8. Frequency domain spectral analysis of blood pressure variability    
9. Nonlinear time series analysis of heart rate variability    
10. Biomedical application of piezoelectric sensors (examples: accelerometry for motion, posture and energy expenditure, microphone for heart sound) Wood, Clare Nagel, Jeremy
11. Biomedical application of absorption spectroscopy (examples: pulse oximetry, near infrared spectroscopy for O2, capnography for CO2) Lee, Joan Hsiao Hui  
12. Biomedical application of bioimpedance / impedance plethysmography (examples: fluid content, body fat) You, Lili Wang, Ce
13. A commercial ECG monitor (examples: PageWriter ECG cart, ECG recorder from Nikhon Cohden, Siemens, Marquette) Rashid, Rahatir
Kuttambakam Narasimhulu, Pradeep
14. A technique/product for automated non-invasive measurement of blood pressure (examples: oscillometric, auscultatory)    
15. A technique/product for non-invasive continuous measurement of blood pressure (examples: arterial tonometer, Finapres/Portapres)    
16. A technique/product for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output (examples: Doppler ultrasound, impedance cardiography / thoracic bioimpedance, arterial pulse contour e.g. Modelflow)    
17. A technique/product for non-invasive measurement of arterial pulse wave velocity (examples: Sphygmocor, Complior)    
18. A technique/product for measurement of peripheral blood flow / volume (examples: Laser Doppler flowmetry, venous-occlusion plethysmography)    
19. A technique/product for respiratory measurement (examples: spirometer, gas analyzer, inductance plethysmography)    
20. A technique/product for body temperature measurement (examples: Noncontact infra red measurement of tympanic temperature) Ruan, Yuan Yuan Liu, Bo
21. Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring Jenkins, Christopher Chen, Peng
22. Wearable biosensor (examples: PPG ring sensor by MIT, forehead pulse oximeter, Lifeshirt) Ramachandran, Deepak Ram Venkatesan, Raghunath
23. Application of wireless sensor network in mobile physiological monitoring    
24. Comparison of technologies for indoor localization of medical staff and equipment Shahid, Bilal Jayanthakumar, Jonathan
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