TELE 3118: Network Technologies

Session 1, 2018


Course Details

Important Information
All information about the course will be available through this web page. However, if you have questions please email us. Make sure that the subject contains TELE3118 as the first word, e.g. TELE3118 - Who is giving the guest lecture? AND your student number at the end of the message. Please do not ask technical questions about the content of the course through e-mail. If not, you may not get a response.

Course Convenor, Lecturer, and Tutor: Prof. Aruna Seneviratne

Lectures: Mon 3pm-5pm (Mat103) and Wed 5pm-6pm (Myers Thtr)

Tutorials : We 4pm-5pm Even Weeks (OMB G31) and Odd Weeks (CLB 4)

Consultation: Mon 5pm-6pm or through prior appointment

Lab Demonstrators: Iresha Mohottige , Mohamad Shamai and Jawad Ahamed

Labs Sessions: Monday - Even Weeks 12pm-3pm. Wednesday: Odd and Even Weeks 9am-12pm. PLease refer to Class Utilisation page
All labs will be held in ElecEng-426.

This course aims to develop a fundamental understanding of the architecture of data communication networks such as the Internet. It will introduce students to the layered communication protocol stack (referred to as the TCP/IP stack in the Internet context), and progressively work through the functions and technologies at the various layers. Topics covered will include the physical medium, medium access mechanisms, IP addressing and routing, TCP congestion control, and applications such as email, web, and DNS. Particular emphasis will be given to the engineering design choices that have helped shape today's Internet.

Text and Resources:
We will be using the text by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, Global Edition (7e), Pearson Higher Ed, 2016. As an additional reference the book by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and David J. Wetherall, Computer Networks, 5th edition, Pearson, 2010, will be used.


Labs and mini project each 20% 40%
Class Quizzes 10% Each 20%
Final Exam 40%

Course Structure (Tentative and Subject to Change) handout

Week Monday Thursday Reading/Homework Labs Tutorials
1 26 Feb: Introduction
Week1 Lecture 1 Recording
28 Feb: Physical Layer
Week1 Lecture 2 Recording
Reading: Chapter 1; Sections 7.1,7.2. Homework: Ch1: R4, R15, R16, R23, P6, P8, P19. handout
2 05 Mar: Data Link Layer
Data Link Layer
Week2 Lecture 1 Recording
07 Mar: Data Link Layer
Week2 Lecture 2 Recording
Reading: Sections 6.1,6.2,6.3. Tanenbaum section 3.2. Homework: Ch6: R4, P5, P7, P11, P13.handout Ethernet cabling Tut 1
3 12 Mar: Data Link Layer Wireless and Ethernet
Week3 Lecture 1 2017 Recording
Week3 Lecture 1 Recording
14 Mar: Switching
Week3 Lecture 2 2017 Recording
Week3 Lecture Recording
Reading: Sections 6.4,6.6,7.3.
4 19 Mar: Network Layer Data Plane Link Layer Addressing 21 Mar: Network Layer Data Plane Continued + Quieries about the Class Quiz Reading: Sections 4.1,4.3,4.2. Ethernet Switching Tutorial 2
5 26 Mar: Network Forwarding 28 Mar: Class Quiz Reading: Sections 4.3.3,4.3.5,4.4,6.4.1.
30 Mar - 08 Apr: Mid-session break
6 09 Apr: IGP Routing 11 Apr: BGP Routing Reading: Sections 5.2,5.3,5.4,5.5.
7 23 Apr: BGP and SDN 25 Apr:SNMP Reading:
8 30 Apr: Transport Layer Principles 02 May: Transport Layer: UDP Reading: Sections 3.1,3.2,3.3.
9 07 May: : Transport Layer: TCP 09 May: Application Layer: Basics Reading: Sections 3.5,3.6,3.7 & 2.1,2.2
10 14 May: Guest Lecture (TBD) 16 May: Class Quiz Reading: Sections
11 21 May: Application Layer Examples 1 23 May: Applications Examples 2 Reading: Sections 2.3 2.4,2.5,2.6
12 28 May: Project Demos 30 May : Project Demos Reading: Sample Exam
13 04 June: Review 06 June : Group Consultations