TELE 3119: Trusted Networks

Session 2, 2018


Course Outline (Handout)

Lecturer: Professor Aruna Seneviratne (541,  MSEB building, Email:
Lectures: Monday 1300-1500 (RedC M032) and Wed 1400-1500 (Mat 310)
Consultation: Wed 1100-1200

Tutor: Professor Aruna Seneviratne
Tutorials: Wed 1300-1400  (ElecEng 426).

Lab demonstrators:  TBD.

Labs: Tue 1000-1300 (ElecEng426)

Aims: This course aims to develop an understanding of the tools and technologies for understanding and improving the security and privacy of communication networks such as the Internet. It will introduce students to quantitative methods for trust, authentication, integrity and security analysis in packet networks, using cryptography techniques. It will expose students to frameworks for protecting networks and users, including emerging paradigms such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) and software defined networking (SDN). The quantitative methods studied in this course will be applied to practical examples.

Student Resources: There is no one prescribed textbook for this course. Material from the following books will be used, and will be augmented with papers supplied via the course web-page:

Additional resources will be provided in lectures, posted on this web-site, or indicated where it can be found on the Internet.


Labs 30%
In-class Quizzes 30%
Final Exam 40%
Pass in the Final Exam is a mandatory requirement to pass the course

Course Structure (Tentative and subject to change)

Week Topic (Wednesday) Topic (Thursday) Reading Labs Tutorials
1 23 Jul: Intro lecture 27 Jul: Cryptography and security requirements [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapters 1, 2

2 30 Jul: Private key Cryptography 01 Aug: Private key management [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapter 20

3 06 Aug: Public key cryptography 08 Aug: Digital signatures [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapter 21 Lab 1a Tutorial 1a, 1b
4 13 Aug: Message Integrity and Hash functions 15 Aug: Quiz 1 (15 points) [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapter 21; Sample Quiz 1

5 20 Aug: IPSec and VPN 22 Aug: Wireless security [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapters 22;Security risks of IoT Lab 1b Tutorial 2
6 27 Aug: SSL/TLS 29 Aug: PKI [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapters 22, 23

7 03 Sep: Email security and PGP 05 Sep: Anonymized routing [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapters 20, 22; Tor paper Lab 2 Tutorial 3
8 10 Sep: Firewall and IDS 12 Sep: Quiz 2 (15 points) [KR] chapter 8; [SB] chapters 23; Sample Quiz 2

9 17 Sep: Blockchains 19 Sep: Blockchains
Lab2 Tutorial 4
- 24 Sep - 28 Sep: Mid-session break
10 01 Oct: Public Holiday
03 Oct: Protecting IoT

11 08 Oct: Guest Lecture (TBC) &  & Project topic presentations  10 Oct: Threat Analytics 
12 15 Oct: Advanced Communication Security 17 Oct: Guest Lecture (TBC) IoT security analytics (audio); Google security (video)

13 22 Oct: Review 24 Oct: Project Presentation

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