Course Title:                          Microwave Circuits Theory Techniques

Course Code:             ELEC9353

Course Level:             Postgraduate           

Course Status:                        Elective       

Course Co-ordinator:              A/Prof. R. Ramer

Total Hours:                         42            Units of Credit:             6            Session:         S2



Teaching Methods                                            Assessment Methods/Marks


Lectures                     =            3                      Final Examination              =            3

Tutorials                    =            0                      Coursework/Assignments            =            2

Practicals                   =            0                     



At the end of the course the student should have acquired

(a)            Understanding of the core issues in RF/microwave design

(b)            Knowledge in analysis of RF/microwave building blocks

(c)        Skills in designing some of the building blocks of the wireless transceiver



Review of transceiver architecture. Review of electromagnetic theory. Review of transmission line theory. Transmission lines and waveguides. Microwave two- and multi-port networks analysis. The measurement and use of scattering parameters. Impedance matching and tuning. Passive component design for microstrip circuits. Microwave resonators. Microwave filters. The characterisation and use of microwave active devices. Microwave subsystems.




Recommended Text(s):

¡°Microwave Engineering¡± by David Pozar, 3rd Edition, John Wiley 2003


Further Text(s) and Reference(s):

¡°Foundation of Microwave Engineering¡±, by Collins, 2nd Edition, Mc Graw Hill 1992

¡°Microwave and RF Design for Wireless Systems¡± by D. Pozar, John Wiley 2000

¡°Microwave Transistors and Amplifiers¡±, by G. Gonzales, 2nd Edition Prentice Hall 1997