TELE 9781: Special Topics in Telecommunications

Session 2, 2008


Lecturer: Dr. Vijay Sivaraman, Room 334, EE building, Phone: x5 6577, Email: vijay at unsw dot edu dot au

Aims: This special topics course, offered as a series of three NICTA short-courses, respectively cover analysis, simulation, and experimentation aspects of data networking. The course in intended for PhD students, particularly in the field of telecommunication networks. Each short course is expected to be run over 3 consecutive days, each day consisting of a morning session (9am-12noon) and an afternoon session (1pm-4pm). Each 3-hour session is expected to typically involve 1.5 hours of lecturing/discussion and 1.5 hours of practical work (problem-solving or experimentation). The short courses will be graded Pass/Fail based on take-home final exams and/or projects and assignments. Each short course will roughly require a student commitment of approximately 50 hours, which is equivalent to 2 units of credit. A student who successfully completes these three short courses is expected to be able to seek credit towards the regular 6 unit UNSW course TELE9781 "Special Topics in Telecommunications" which can be used towards the UNSW course requirements.

Short-course details:

  1. Network Analysis: 8-10 Sep in Squarehouse 203.
  2. Network Simulation: 24-27 Nov at NICTA ATP
  3. Inside an Internet Router: Feb 2009 (tentative) in UNSW EE 343A